NAFDAC bans Sniper in open markets, because of Suicide

- NAFDAC has ordered agro-dealers to withdraw Sniper from open markets and supermarkets, in a bid to curb the high rate of suicides from the product - The agency pointed out through NAFDAC’s Director, Veterinary Medicine and Allied Products Directorate, Dr. Bukar Usman, yesterday said at
he International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan that the agency has moved to stop the agro-dealers sale of the product in open markets and supermarkets.

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He said sniper is an agro-cultural product meant for farms, not houses. The order is, however, only a restriction of the use and availability of Sniper to farms alone, and not an outright ban of the product

Usman explained that the agency is not banning the product outrightly but only reducing its sale or use to farms or for agro-purposes only.

He further called on the manufacturers and dealers to work with NAFDAC in removing the 100ml size of the product from the market because it is cheap and easily acquired.
“There are appropriate products for the control of mosquitoes and other household pests” he added.

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