Chika Ike’s failed married to a Billionaire

Chika Ike’s ruined marriage to Tony Eberiri after seven years, has made her withdrawn from such. she was in a rosy relationship with a formal House of Representatives member, from Anioma, who is eyeing a senatorial seat. The relationship was so serious everyone thought that Chika would join the billionaire’s harem of wives. 

But that was not to be. According to the sources, the actress could not imagine herself being married to a man with many other wives and as such didn’t budge. The billionaire who is said to be like a wind beneath the actress’ wings, making her world laced with oysters was heartbroken when his marriage proposal was turned down.  

The actress appeared to have come out of it with new found affluence. This, according to our sources, got the billionaire mad and decided to hit back at the actress by marrying a younger actress, who is purportedly a virgin. While Chika walked away with much money in the bank and a Harvard degree, the billionaire has also moved on with an eighteen-year-old bride, who is also smiling to the bank. Away from rumours and gist, Chika Ike is an attention catcher any day and any time, and with such effortless guilelessness. During the week she became a subject of discussion and adulation on the account of disarming bikini pictures she posted on her Instagram page.

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