We learnt that orgasm is the most sweetest thing a woman can experience in this world and it takes place just within some seconds during sexual
intercourse and only 2 out of 5 women experience it. Below are some healthy tips for women to follow in order to reach orgasm faster.
-Tune your spirit to sex, put your mind on it even before your husband comes to bed.
- take more of DATES AND VITAMIN B, it makes
you to become honey
- Discover yourself first, know the parts of your body that moves you and turns you on and tell husband to touch them perfectly well
- Husband should do more foreplay, suck breast, vagina and finger you
- Tell hubby to tickle your nipple, clitoris, neck , belly and earlobes, he can start by using his tongue to gentle massage your clitoris and breast before penetration.
- He should also suck your nipple while thrusting in and out of you, also licking your neck and earlobes at intervals
- Try riding him yourself while he touches your breast, this will stimulate the hormones responsible for orgasm
- When he is thrusting in and out of you, the easiest way for you to reach orgasm is for you to let your clitoris touches those areas around his dicks, press hard and just be turning your waist, and within 2 minutes you will cum
- Let your hubby not come out immediately he releases, in most women the sensation always comes again immediately the man releases, just hold his waist tight and concentrate, you will cum another time again.
- The sensation and sweetness of the man and the woman coming at the
same time is the best feelings ever, we call that SUPER SEX

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