How to Avoid Kidney Diseases CKD

Why do we have increase number of cases of chronic kidney Disease CKD to today. Medical research has shown that strict adherence to the under listed processes will help free the world of
clear cases of CKD together with proper medical checks annualy.  This medical news will help over cases of premature death resulting from CKD.  

Here are the ways to overcome cases of kidney Disease

1. Delay passing urine.
Keeping your urine in your bladder too long is a bad idea. A full bladder can cause bladder damage. The urine left in the bladder multiplies the bacteria quickly. Once the urine returns to the ureter and kidneys, toxic substances can lead to kidney infections, then urinary infections, then nephritis and even uremia. When nature calls - do it as soon as possible.

2. Eating too much salt. 
You should not eat more than 5.8 grams of salt a day.

3. Eating too much meat. 
Too much protein in your diet is harmful to your kidneys. Protein digestion produces ammonia, a very destructive toxin for the kidneys. More meat equals more kidney damage.

4. Drinking of too much caffeine.
Caffeine is a component of many sodas and soft drinks. This increases your blood pressure and your kidneys begin to suffer. So you should reduce the amount of coke you drink every day.

5. Not Drinking Enough water.
Our kidneys must be well hydrated to perform their duties well. If we do not drink enough, the toxins can begin to accumulate in the blood because there is not enough fluid to drain them through the kidneys.
Drink more than 10 glasses of water a day. 

The easiest way to check if you're drinking enough water: look at the color of your urine; the lighter the color, the better and the sure sign you are not denying yourself of enough water.

Remember the say that prevention is better than cure
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