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Mr Chuka Umunna is a Nigerian with high standing abroad. They call him the British Barack Obama and he is believed to be a possible candidate for UK Prime Minister .
Chuka Harrison Umunna, formal Member of British Parliament for Streatham in South London since
2010. Chuka Umunna studied law at Manchester and Nottingham Trent

Universities before a career in employment law in the City. His father late Chief Bennet Umunna was a wealthy business man from Anambra State in Nigeria who died in a car crash when he returned to his home country Nigeria for holiday.

Mr. Chuka Umunna lost the seat in 2015 to the current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. His political career is still very bright and he is among the many Nigerians many believe is performing excellently in the United Kingdom. 
He is married to Alice Sullivan a British woman.

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