James Ocholi’s Death A planned Murder Says Relations

Still on James Ocholi's Death: A planned Murder says family members
James Ocholi
The family of James Ocholi has alleged that the death of the late Labour Minister James Ocholi in a tragic motor accident along the Kaduna-Abuja expressway on Sunday where he died with his wife and son was a planned murder.

According to Ocholi’s uncle, Abdallah Aliu, and some other relatives to the late labour minister, who did not want their names to be mentioned, they stated that the driver be investigated.
Because, he the driver was the person who drove the car and was the same person who took the photo of the dead man and sent it all over the Internet – whatsApp and others. So, the question is: how come that the driver of the vehicle in the same car was able to take the picture of the dead man?,” Abdallah said.
“He said the side of the door, where the Honourable Minister sat, was not properly locked because after the car somersaulted, the thing flung him and so he had a terrible damage that his body was smashed beyond recognition. There was a foul play in Ocholi’s death.
“While I was in his house, I already knew because those who conspired and plotted it (the death) became jittery because I have never been to that house and they don’t know me. But somehow, they became jittery, scared and worried.
“This they said is political, it is a political war and some people want to score some political points against the system somehow. The death of Ocholi is quite suspicious.
“So, I had to hurriedly leave because God has made me to know what happened and we know that they will get the people who are responsible. When you are innocent, God will always uncover how certain things happened. Ocholi’s death is a great loss to the common people of Nigeria. And the spirit of the common people of Nigeria is fighting back.

“The perpetrators want to derail the focus of this administration. They are looking for every way to put a wedge in the wheel of success. I can specifically pinpoint those who plotted these things. What they are trying to do now is to knock heads together and the earlier we get rid of them out of that place, the better one stated.

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