Suicide bomber Kill four in Kano

The blast occurred in a street with many restaurants and night club.
Eye witnesses say that a bomb detonated in a car in the predominantly Christian area of Sabon Gari. The blast was heard from several miles away.
Boko Haram has carried out several attacks in Kano state and other areas of northern Nigeria in recent years.

Kano Police Commissioner Mr. Adelere Shinaba said. He  mobilised his officers and men after the incident to the scene where we discovered a suicide bomber... Five people, including the bomber, were killed," "At about 22:00 (21:00 GMT),
He said that the victims were "three men and a girl of about 12".
The BBC's Will Ross in Nigeria says that Sunday's blast was so powerful that all that remains of the car is its engine.

Kano is the largest city in the mainly Muslim north of Nigeria.

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