How to prepare Okro Soup mixed with Vegetable

Africa has customs and traditions. The same way they have different dishes varying from various ethnic group like in Nigeria where they have over 290 ethnic groups each with its life style and traditional food. Okro soup may not be said to be a native soup to any tribe as both the Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba people cooks and eat it. The condiment and ingredients used in cooking the soup differs and this add colours and test depending on what the person want to achieve.

We want to take a look at how we can make okro soup with uziza seed separate from vegetable for mixing as it used to be very delicious and always provide the opportunity to use different vegetables while still using the okro soup as the main soup.

To do these get your ingredients and fish which will include the following food items:

1.       Okra
2.       Cray Fish
3.       Beef
4.       Periwinkle
5.       Stock Fish
6.       Onions
7.       Maggi
8.       Uziza Seed
9.       Onions

First step preparation: Steam your Meat with onions and Stock Fish. When the meat is done add Cray Fish and periwinkle and uziza seed
Uziza Seed
to add the slight peperish flavor allow it for some time.

Second step: Put your red oil and onions in a dry pot, leave it to steam for a while too then put your Okra allow it to dry a little before you pour your steamed meat, stock fish and periwinkle leave it for like three minutes with these your done.

The Third step is the step where you do your vegetable with which you will use to mix with the okra soup any time you want to eat. Get your vegetable leave otherwise called Ugu leave, wash it very well and slice into small pieces parboil it and adding a little pepper, salt, maggi and may be cray fish to bring out the taste. You are done stock it different from the okra soup in the freezer and mix the two soup any time you want to it.

Remember, you can use other vegetables to do the third step if you wish to change the Ugu Leave for another type of leave like Uziza leave if you don’t use the uziza seed in preparing the okra soup.

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