How to Live Successfully with your Partner

Marriage is an institution ordained on earth by God; it is a union between man and woman coming to stay together as one body. God created human beings and then asked them to marry as husband and wife. The purpose is for fellowship and companionship, another is for procreation, so this is the two major reasons for marriage as can traced to the bible. Without companionship husband and wife can never live together as indivisible entity. This unity engendered through good company breeds a peaceful and endearing marriage and children born into peaceful homes are also peaceful in their approach to live.
When such children grow up and get married the peace they enjoy in their family is also translated to their matrimonial home. It is better to remain a bachelor or spinster than to marry and live in turmoil and pieces because there is no place like home, Remember, the adage that says a man whose home is burning doesn’t pursue rat, put the other way can hardly make progress when you are in pieces with your wife. The reason why most people have raised BP and heart attack is because of the problems they have at home that is supposed to be their only place of comfort and joy, for the best hotel can’t give the comfort and peace you get in your home even if it is a thatch house, there is a level of security you should enjoy while at home.

He that blows the viper dictates the tone. The head directs the entire body. If the head is removed the entire body becomes lifeless. The man remains the head of the family, the chief provider, the general overseer. With the position a man should see himself as the organizer, the source by which the river flow not a tyrant, not a dictator. Nature places a woman as help mate to the man, they are not perfect by nature and a man should always recognize this fact. Recognize your wife as a weaker vessel and work with this fact as a man that piece will reign in your home. As a man, don’t see your position as just a figure head and the woman takes the lead or upper hand. If he does there will be trouble and this trouble will subsist. 

Man goes into marriage for too many reasons depending on what informed the choice of a man or woman. The very factor to consider in marriage is LOVE; anything outside this will be like building a house on a sinking ground for the marriage must crumble. Some people go into marriage because of the wealth. Remember, the extent a marriage will go is determined by the factor that brought the couple together. If it is beauty, iit fades with time and would bring the marriage to an end. Anybody sustained by a woman is being sustained by a whirlwind. No matter your wife’s money, she is only there as a help mate to supplement your efforts. Bear in mind that if you go for a woman’s money and not for real love you automatically make her your head as he who blows the viper dictates the tone.

For you to determine how your family will be; you must be sincere to yourself and to your wife. Every day ask yourself if you are meeting up to the challenges of your family. A man spoils his ways and blames it on destiny. Be bold enough to accept your faults and make amend, be courageous to correct them then learn a lesson from there. For there to be peace in the family, the man who is the head must play the role of a foolish man. If you try to be smart or wise, your family will disintegrate. Remember, women believes they are right until they are proven wrong and it take the grace of God, I mean a virtuous woman to recognize that, others don’t and will hold onto their folly until they set their home on fire. A wise woman builds her home.
As a woman that want a peaceful home see your husband as you God who you will listen to, who will always protect you, who will dictate everything about you. If you don’t see it that way you will not respect him, you will never allow his words to have rule over you. His words will mean nothing to you and your family will be in pieces, you will never enjoy your home. A virtuous woman is a pacifier in the home, when a man is away he prays to come back and be with her but a foolish woman whose eyes is on the road is a destroyer, she is ungodly does not even have regard for the husband who is by nature her god.

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